Putting the outdoors at the heart of Europe’s post pandemic recovery plan

The whole of Europe is now turning its focus on how society and the economy will recover after the pandemic and that is reflected in the development of some major policy and budget planning that is underway. In that context, the It’s Great Out There Coalition is actively involved in some important public affairs work, encouraging EU members to ensure that sport and physical activity feature in National Recovery and Resilience Plans that are being prepared.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The coalition is a member of the European Commission’s SHARE Initiative, which works to raise awareness of the role of sport and physical activity in regional and local development. The initiative was founded to ensure that this role is adequately taken into account as part of policy and investment decision-making at European, national and regional levels.

Members of the SHARE Initiative have recently worked together to prepare a position paper for policy makers. The document calls for immediate action to ensure that sport and health-enhancing physical activity will benefit from national economic investments and reforms supported by EU funds as part of recovery plans. More than that, the paper outlines how that can be done, offering valuable insights into ways in which sport, physical activity and active tourism can be embedded into policy everywhere. Through the It’s Great Out There Coalition and partners such as the European Network of Outdoor Sports, outdoor activities are a core element of the SHARE Initiative and, using material such as the position paper, we will continue to lobby hard for significant and sustained support to promote participation.

You can read the SHARE Initiative position paper HERE.

Photo by Dim Hou on Unsplash