Getting Europe active outdoors one day at a time.

We can only make a difference by leading the way. That’s why the delivery of Outdoor Activity Days, actual days of physical activity in nature, is at the heart of Coalition activities to achieve our mission to get Europe active outdoors.
Mountaineering Youth Programme
Mountaineering Youth Programme

What are Outdoor Activity Days?

Outdoor Activity Days are days of physical activity in nature, meeting the weekly recommendation for physcial activity, delivered inclusively and responsibly through Coalition grants.

Certain minimum requirements apply:

Each day focuses on activating primarily inactive people.

Each day includes at least 150 minutes of outdoors physical activity.
Each day provides a safe environment guaranteed by outdoor professionals.
Each day is delivered inclusively, sustainably and responsibly.
Each day includes an environmental education element.

How it works

The Coalition fundraises for Outdoor Activity Days and delivers Outdoor Activity Days with its partners through its grants programme.
Photo by CREPS

Why Outdoor Activity Days?

The key benefits of streamlining our activation efforts through Outdoor Activity Days are:
To maximise our impact beyond activation by funding inclusive and responsible activation
To set a quality standard for funded projects

To set a transparent performance indicator

To serve as a tangible currency for donations and membership contributions

What difference does a day make?

Our impact = your impact • Our impact = your impact •

Our impact = your impact

Outdoor Activity Days
Projects supported
People activated
Euro invested

Get inspired.
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Since 2017 the Coalition has supported 44 projects.

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How to get involved

Do you want to get involved to help us deliver Outdoor Activity Days?
There are different ways to get involved in the Coalition

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