Out and About

We plan to dedicate the funds to our Norrbotten and Västerbotten department where we arrange sport, outdoor and cultural activities for immigrants and locals. The funds will go to a five month project and cover 10% of the regional coordinator who helps our volunteers to organise outdoor activities, spread the word and find participants and make sure the activity runs smoothly and that the activity leaders have everything the need, both information wise but also material.

by Hej Främling!









Target Group: Newly arrived (about 50%) and established Swedes (50%)
Impact: 345 participants // 20 activities // 345 Outdoor Activity Days

We plan to run the project for five months and our objective is to reach 20 activities and 345 participants (both newly arrived and established Sweds).

About the Organisation

We offer health boosting activities free of charge – open for everyone. The organization was founded 2013. We have developed an integration method that thousands of refugees and local citizens have taken part of throughout the years. The activities are led by volunteers and are mainly culture-, sport- and nature related. Activities like mountain hiking, running and skiing are very popular. The organization has managed to create very successful platforms from where new comers and established Swedes can grow friendships and build networks valuable for both parts. We had more than 17 700 participations during 2019 where 50% were newcomers. We believe that this is a very important foundation for inclusion in the Swedish society and an answer to one of the main challanges right now.