AFK Autumn Holiday Programme

Closure of schools & colleges and removal of activities, care and support networks, and respite due to COVID-19 has catastrophic. Loneliness, isolation and anxiety are prevalent. The Lancet lists those with learning disabilities in the most vulnerable groups to experience profound mental health issues during and post pandemic.

by AFK – Working with disability









Target Group: People with disabilities
Impact: 17 people // 5 days // 85 Outdoor Activity Days

In response to this we have been providing personal support and regular online activities to alleviate stress and improve wellbeing. In the coming months, we will reintroduce face to face contact with disabled young people who would like to attend our holiday programme, many of whom have been in strict isolation for months. The programme will have a big emphasis on outdoor activities to encourage getting active and socialising in a safe and fun way.

About the Organisation

AFK – Working with Disability works with 100s of disabled children and young people each year to help enable them to overcome many of the social, physical, and financial barriers to their independence. AFK offers a range of programmes to achieve this, both locally and nationally. Our accredited education, training and work experience programme engages young people with learning disabilities across 8 North London boroughs in confidence building, employability skills, and self-advocacy. As well as providing employability skills, our local holiday programme enables disabled young people to meet people, try new activities, and build personal skills. AFK also supports disabled children and young people nationally by offering funding towards essential mobility equipment not provided by the NHS.