Inspiring young people to get outside after Covid

In response to the pandemic we postponed our usual programme and set up a bespoke, virtual, one-to-one mentoring scheme. Post-lockdown, we would like to run some group activity day sessions in the winter/early spring months which will provide a much-needed opportunity for the young people on our programme to reconnect, experience positive activities outside the home again and resume their YAT adventures.

by Youth Adventure Trust









Target Group: Disadvantaged young people
Impact: 20 young people // 1 day // 20 Outdoor Activity Days

We are asking you to fund one of these days, for 20 young people, to help us get some of the most vulnerable young people in our society back outside and realising that it really is #greatoutthere. The activity days will be completely free of charge to the young people and will be an important way of keeping them engaged with the outdoors before their next residential camp in May 2021.

About the Organisation

We believe everybody should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential in life. Since we began in 1992 we have helped over 4000 vulnerable & disadvantage young people build resilience, develop confidence and learn valuable life skills. Our specially designed outdoor adventure programme helps 11–16 year olds face challenges,make positive choices,develop independence and achieve things that they never imagined would be possible. 120 children join our programme each year; their journey includes 3 residential camps, 8 activity days & the ongoing support of our dedicated staff and volunteers. This lifechanging opportunity gives many of them access to the outdoors for the 1st time, regularly sparks an ongoing interest in being outside and often proves they can achieve more than they thought.