#itsgreatoutthere and OPENING UP THE OUTDOORS are seeking Volunteer Community Advisors

The It’s Great Out There Coalition (IGOT) is a European not for profit collaboration launched by the outdoor industry to increase public awareness of the benefits of outdoor activities. Opening Up the Outdoors (OUTO) is a not for profit initiative focusing on diverse ethnic communities, in order to help create an outdoor community and industry that is truly diverse, equitable, anti-racist and accessible to everyone.

IGOT and OUTO believe that making outdoor spaces safe and inclusive benefits everyone – regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual identity or physical ability.
Earlier this year, (in September) OUTO was integrated into IGOT’s umbrella structure.
This integration and new structure has created a new OUTO volunteer steering Council, with two new volunteer ‘Community Advisor’ positions who will work in collaboration with OUTO founding brands, members and supporters. The OUTO volunteer Community Advisors will report to the OUTO Council Chair Amanda Calder Mclaren (The North Face) and Vice Chair Phil Young (founder of OUTO and the Outsiders Project). The OUTO volunteer Community Advisors will contribute to OUTO’s strategy and long term goals, as well as being the voice of grass roots groups and ethnically diverse communities in the outdoor space.
Ideally, successful candidates should have knowledge of corporate or community management in an NGO environment or voluntary group, and be able to demonstrate experience of representing and advocating for the lived experiences of ethnically diverse communities.
Further details of the OUTO voluntary Community Advisor’s role are available HERE with an overview and summary of the selection process. To apply, please submit a one page covering letter and recent CV to info@itsgreatoutthere.com by 20th January 2023.

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