Here are the winners of our #outdoorstogether competition

23rd September – 23rd October

We received more than 300 submissions, from Sweden to Romania, Hungary, Ireland, France, UK…

People were going outdoors together, especially with kids (at a very young age!) and elders. What a joy to see such lovely transgenerational groups. The transmission of love for the outdoors is ON!

Most people were going on hikes, a few on bikes, some were exercising when others were getting more adventurous: speleology, kayak, alpinism… But outdoors is for everyone, and we are more than happy to say our message got understood: yoga on the beach, mushrooms hunting, simply gathering… made a significant part of the submissions.

Ultimately, we can picture round about 1000 people going outdoors to be active together, which is definitely a huge success.

Thanks for joining!

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