Urban Uprising Outdoor

Grant report

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Target Group: young people, average age 14, coming from disadvantaged backgrounds
Impact: 2 days. 9 hours of activity

Project description

Urban Uprising Outdoor will support activity for one group of 7-10 young people as a graduation event for our 10 week Climb programmes. Outdoor Sessions are offered after our 6-10 week indoor Climb programmes for at-risk and disadvantaged young people age 8-18. The Climb programme introduces them to indoor climbing with a professional instructor and a trained volunteer coach to work with them on personal issues, challenges and skills, as well as offering additional support. The Outdoor Session allows the group of young people to experience climbing in a natural environment, enjoy a group trip away and gain confidence to explore the outdoors. We have been running these as day trips with support from Climb Scotland for several years but have the opportunity this year for a 2 night trip.

The residential weekend consisted of a big day in the mountains scrambling, ridge walking and navigating and a day of rock climbing outdoors at a cliff. At the end of the outdoor climbing day the group got to try ‘lead’ climbing for the first time at the indoor wall at Glenmore Lodge. This was a new experience for the young people and was a real eye opener.

This 2 day residential was completed after a multi week programme of indoor climbing.

Project Data

Where did the activities take place?

Scottish Highlands. Glenmore Lodge and surrounding mountains.

When did the activities take place?

21 July to 23 July 2023

How many days and hours per day of physical activity were included in the activities

2 days. Each day had 9 hours of activity.

How many participants took part in the activities?

6 young people 2 Urban Uprising Staff, 2 Crossroads staff, 3 Glenmore lodge instructors

Describe the target group that took part in the activities

We partnered with Crossroads youth and community association to find the young people. The young people come from a deprived part of Glasgow. Some are BAME. One was neurodiverse. They all are disadvantaged by poverty.

What was the average age of participants?


What was the physical activity level of the participants?

For some it was very low and for others it was high previously. During the weekend everyone had a high level of participation in physical activity.

How many boys/men?

3 boys

How many girls/women?

3 girls

Money received from the Coalition in €:

2.788 EUR

What did you use the money for (guides, gear, accommodation…)?

Glenmore Lodge costs – instructors, accomidation, food provided by Glenmore Lodge.

Project Testimonials

How did I feel about the project before it started?

A mix of excited and nervous.

What was a challenge?

The rain on the rock climbing day and being tired at the end on the long mountain day.

What was your favourite part of the project?

Collecting water to drink in the stream on the mountain and rock climbing even though it was raining a bit.

How will this project influence your outdoor adventures in the future?

Doing more of it and realising what is out there.

Some Other Things

Would you recommend applying for an #itsgreatoutthere grant?

10 out of 10

How useful would you say the support provided by the Coalition was to your project?

It was good.


Ben Campbell
Email: ben@urbanuprising.org