New Secretary General pledges to build profile and impact of the It’s Great Out There Coalition

The It’s Great Out There Coalition (IGOT) enters 2023 with a new Secretary General leading the organisation. Margo de Lange has stepped up from the role of Policy Officer, replacing Andrew Denton, who remains on the coalition board. The developments are part of a series of changes that are rolling out this year, designed to enhance the coalition’s capacity and boost the next phase of the #itsgreatoutthere campaign to get more people in Europe active in the outdoors.

Margo de Lange joined the It’s Great Out There Coalition (IGOT) in 2019 and, as Policy Officer, has developed and implemented an expanded programme of advocacy and action for the coalition. Working closely with Andrew Denton, the board and new IGOT President Andy Schimeck, Margo managed last year’s project to incorporate UK-based initiative Opening Up the Outdoors (OUTO) into the coalition, in a process that was supported by coalition members.

New governance arrangements were put in place, including changes to the IGOT Board and the introduction of the IGOT Council and OUTO Council, both of which will provide insights and ideas to the board, with representatives from across Europe’s outdoor sector, and wider community. As Secretary General, Margo will lead the It’s Great Out There Coalition as it seeks to expand its activities and influence. The coalition will soon announce details about plans to recruit an IGOT Communications Manager to support this work. Community representatives for the two councils are being recruited now – for more details, contact Margo on

Margo de Lange comments: “I am really excited to be trusted to lead the It’s Great Out There Coalition and Opening Up the Outdoors into a new era, and I am grateful to Andrew, Andy, the IGOT Board and the OUTO Council for their confidence and support. This is a wonderful opportunity to work with the industry and community representatives through our new governance structure and tap into a huge breadth and depth of experience and love for nature from all over Europe. Together, we can take #itsgreatoutthere to another level, motivating, activating and advocating more effectively, more inclusively and more widely than ever.”

Andy Schimeck, IGOT President, adds: “I am very happy with the new governance arrangements for the It’s Great Out There Coalition, which neatly integrate Opening Up the Outdoors into the organisation. Our revised board, along with the input of the two councils, will promote greater inclusivity and visibility as we grow participation in outdoor activities. Margo has played a key role in devising and implementing these important changes, and I speak for everyone involved in expressing how positive we are about her taking the lead as the coalition moves forward.”

Andrew Denton, outgoing IGOT Secretary General, comments: “I am delighted to welcome Margo as the new Secretary General. She has made a huge impact in her previous role and as a full time employee in the new structure, she will be able to devote her considerable talents and energy to driving the new partnership forward. I look forward to remaining on the board and offering what help I can.”

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