Inclusivity and diversity in the outdoors – leading campaigners in the news

From the moment that we launched the #itsgreatoutthere campaign, one of our key priorities has been to encourage greater diversity in the outdoors. We have championed projects that seek to accomplish this and actively supported many through our #itsgreatoutthere grants programme, directly helping thousands of new people from many different backgrounds to explore the outdoors for the first time.

However, a critical mass of sustained, significant change can only really be achieved when individual citizens and communities take the lead. So, it’s hugely encouraging to read about the work of enthusiasts from different backgrounds, who are actively campaigning to improve diversity and inclusivity in the outdoors. We are already working with some of these inspirational people and so are many It’s Great Out There Coalition members, not only talking about positive action, but helping to make it a reality.

These developments are starting to get noticed my mainstream media, as you can see in this feature that has been published in the UK by The Guardian – The BAME women making the outdoors more inclusive | Health and fitness holidays | The Guardian.

We’d love to hear about more examples of this type of work from across Europe! If you have stories to share, please let us know. You can send details or links to or tag #itsgreatoutthere on social media.