Terms and Conditions

1. Applications

1.1. By applying for an Outdoor Activity Days grant, the applicant agrees to have read and understood, and to be bound by, the following Terms and Conditions.

1.2. Applications are open to any group or organisation serving a non-profit purpose within the European Geographical Area; the applicant is expected to be able to prove the not-for-profit status at any stage upon request by It’s Great Out There;

1.3. Applications are made exclusively using the online form on the It’s Great Out There website;

1.4. Applications include a realistic yearly budget specifying the amount of funding requested for one (1) year up to maximum €5.000.

1.5. The application deadlines for 2024 are;


Project period

29 February 2024, 11.59 PM CET

May ’24 – December ‘24

1.6. A confirmation e-mail will be sent immediately upon successful receipt of the application; It’s Great Out There will not accept any liability for late or lost applications however delivered failing this confirmation.

1.7. All applicants will receive notification via e-mail of the status of their application within 30 days after the application deadline.

2. Selection Process

2.1. The It’s Great Out There Council will assign a 2024 Grant Selection Committee.

2.2. The Grant Selection Committee will determine whether submitted applications meet the Eligibility Criteria and will score each application on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest possible score) on basis of the Selection Criteria. They will create a shortlist of applications aligned with the number of funded projects and the grants budget set by the It’s Great Out There Council and approved by the It’s Great Out There Coalition Board for the project referencing period and will determine the maximum grant for each shortlisted application;

2.3. It’s Great Out There Members are invited to score each shortlisted application on basis of the Selection Criteria; The Member Score is given on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest possible score);

2.4. Applications having the highest combined Committee and Member score will be attributed funding until the budget for the referencing period has been spent;

2.5. In case of a tie between projects, the It’s Great Out There Council will decide whether a project will receive funding or not;

3. Eligibility and Selection Criteria

3.1. Eligibility criteria:

a. Not-for-profit status of the applicant organisation;

b. Both the applicant organization and the project delivery are situated in the European Geographical Area;

c. Non-discriminatory nature of the project;

d. Acceptance of Grant Terms & Conditions;

e. Fully completed application;

f. Not previously shortlisted or awarded funding with the same project;

3.2. Selection criteria:

a. Alignment with the vision and mission of It’s Great Out There;

b. Alignment with the minimum requirements for Outdoor Activity Days:

  • Each day primarily targets inactive people
  • Each day includes at least 150 minutes of outdoors physical activity.
  • Each day provides a safe environment guaranteed by outdoor professionals.
  • Each day is delivered inclusively, sustainably, and responsibly.
  • Each day includes an environmental education element.

c. Quality potential (long-term) impact of the project and it’s results on a local level;

d. Innovative aspects of the project;

e. Geographical spread of funded projects;

f. Other partnerships, or other methods leveraging and enhancing the impact of the project.

4.Rights and duties of applicants and grant recipients

4.1. Applicants and grant recipients confirm that the details of the application are non-confidential and that It’s Great Out There may copy and distribute the particulars of the applications and the applicants (and any part thereof) for all reasonable purposes associated with the goals of It’s Great Out There.

4.2. Grant recipients will inform It’s Great Out There of all project highlights to allow communications coverage and will provide high quality communication materials to It’s Great Out There for this purpose including but not limited to photo’s, video’s, testimonials and written reports.

4.3. Grant recipients will submit a ‘Final Report’ within 30 days after the project has ended; Where no ending date exists for the project, the ‘Final Report’ is to be provided before the end of December of the project year.

5. Receiving the money

5.1. Upon selection, the applicant will receive 80% of the grant; the remaining 20% is provided upon filing the ‘Final Report’;

5.2. The applicant has the right to request the full grant amount to be provided prior to the start project where they argue post-financing would damage the project outcomes;

5.3. The grant is wired via Bank Transfer to the grant recipient account upon receipt of a valid invoice from the grant recipient; The Bank Account must be listed to the grant recipient organisation;

6. Conflicts, complaints and grievances

Any grievances or complaints concerning the Outdoor Activity Days Grants can be brought before the It’s Great Out There Coalition Board including but not limited to the composition of the selection committee, the selection process, grants payment and/or advertisement and communications around grant projects.

For anonymous complaints, please use the complaints and grievances form available via www.itsgreatoutthere.com/complaints