Skills for Living

We run a service called Skills for Living, for Care experienced Young people aged 16-24. These are vulnerable young people whom usually struggle mentally and social, we therefore work with them around their mental health, relationships and emotional anxiety. We work with them over a long period of time to try and build trust and the relationship as they rarely trust anyone. We try and look for ways to help their confidence and self-esteem as well as building resilience within them.

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Target Group: Disadvantaged young people
Impact: 2 days // 10 people // 20 Outdoor Activity Days

We approached ‘Its great out there’ for a grant to offer our Young people an experience that would help to further build confidence, promote team building and ultimately give them a chance to have new experiences.

We identified an organisation called Phoenix Leisure, that can bring activities to our work place to encompass this. They offer laser clay pigeon shooting, archery and other team exercises; we have outside space that is ideal for this to be set up.

We were successful in obtaining £ 1980 to do two sets of activities for two separate groups of Young People- a Maximum of 10 in each group.

The first activity was held on the 3rd, May and six young people were able to take part. We did some team games, It’s A Knockout style games such as Obstacle Skis, Welly Wanging, and dash for cash. Following this and to end the session we then did Laser clay pigeon shooting.

Our second activity day was held on 3rd September and this time we did Archery and Clay pigeon shooting. There was 3 Young people due to some of the others having some personal appointments to attend.

The young people we support have experienced very challenging childhoods and multiple adverse childhood experiences. They are emotionally dysregulated and may be engaged in self-harming behaviours. During the engagement phase of our project, staff build up close and emotionally nurturing relationship with the Y.P and aim to build their self-esteem and foster skills in interpersonal skills and emotional regulation. These activities are over and above their usual realm of experience, so it has been great to get the chance to do this. It also really fits our brief of helping Y.P engage in their community and experience new and challenging opportunities.

Overall both activity days were successful and our Y.P got involved, they took part in individual games and team games. Learning to new skills, developing their confidence and supporting each other to build resilience. Without this grant these Young people who not have had this opportunity- so thank you #itsgreatoutthere

Some feedback from our Young People:

It was fun!

The archery was really good, the shooting wasn't bad, but I didn't do very well. Overall, I would love to see them again and do more activities with them. Lovely people.

I really loved the competitiveness, it made it fun. I would like to do it again!


Report by Lisa Smedley, Young Person Practitioner at Action for Children