School cross the Alps

The class 7b put itself the goal of crossing the alps from Oberstdorf to Meran in 8 days. The concept behind it is called Herausforderung“ (=challenge), in which students in the age of puberty, when academic requirements and personal interests are most often separated by a huge gap, meet a personal challenge aside the daily school routine.

by Class 8b of the Julius-Leber School of Hamburg









Target Group: Young peopl
Impact: 15 young people // 8 days // 120 Outdoor Activity Days

Our class decided to cross the alps because in doing so they have to overcome some physical boundaries AND because such a project can only be successful if they really stick together and help each other. What makes the class structure exceptional is that five children with special needs with different backgrounds are part of the class. Against this background, the project is also supposed to be a contribution to succeeding inclusion. In addition, several students come from socially disadvantaged families. For those kids this project will be a unique experience and will broaden their horizon in a way they would otherwise probably not have the chance to encounter.