Introducing local youth to the mountains

Many local youth (living in Haute-Savoie) have absolutely no contact or connection with the surrounding mountain environment. The non-profit En Passant par la Montagne offers them a chance to explore the mountains through a multi-activity week-long trip.

by En Passant Par La Montagne









Target Group: Underprivileged and troubled youth Impact: 4 days // 8 youngsters // 32 Outdoor Activity Days

8 underprivileged and troubled youth, currently in the socially services system,
will be taken on a one week trip to go rock climbing, glacier hiking,  mountaineering, and finish the end of the week by climbing to the summit of a chosen peak.

In addition this amazing experience, immersed for several days in a high alpine
environment to enjoy several different mountain sports, the program includes an
educational component through each different sport to help the 8 youth improve
their self-esteem, self-confidence, as well as trust in others. In addition, this project serves as another tool for each case worker to help create a stronger bond with these youth and their families.

About the Organisation

Created in 1995, the non-profit “En Passant par La Montagne” (“Through the Mountains”) allows kids and adults in underprivileged or difficult situations – social
marginalization, failing in school / school dropouts, sickness or handicap – to use
the mountains as a source of motivation and support to rise above their current