Corporate membership

Our corporate membership is aimed at brands, retailers and other companies who want to play a role in getting Europe active outdoors by funding the delivery of Outdoor Activity Days.
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Membership benefits

Joining the Coalition means a lot more than raising a couple of heartrates; It means being proactive about the health and wellbeing of the people and society that we serve now and will serve in the future. There are many ways in which both you and wider society can benefit from your membership.

Direct public engagement throughout Europe

A massive potential audience waits for your #ItsGreatOutThere content thanks to the combined reach of our full and associate members on social media and other digital platforms.

Great content

Positive campaigns and initiatives on your doorstep that promote our values and help you to inspire your audience to do more.

Tangible impact: Outdoor Activity Days

For every €40 you provide as a member we organise one Outdoor Activity Day. Days provided through the Coalition grants can be co-branded as if you were organising them yourself.

Thought leadership

Badge of honour in the industry, signifying your role in leading profound political, social and industry change towards a more sustainable, more inclusive and more diverse outdoor community.

Sit at the policy-making table

Contribute to the future of outdoor activity by supporting our efforts to provide good practice examples, through advocacy and by developing projects together with partners on a European level.

Finger on the pulse

Align with future outdoor generations on the basis of evidence collected and research conducted by the Coalition about outdoor and consumer behaviour and trends, in collaboration with the European Outdoor Group.

Membership packages

We have two membership packages: the entry level supporting membership and our full Coalition membership.

Supporting membership



Outdoor Activity Days

From €1000




Outdoor Activity Days

From €5000

Our members and partners

Supported by over 50 organizations in Europe.

How to get the most out of your membership?

Follow the advice below to get the most out of your Coalition membership.

Sit down with us once a year (we’ll invite you) to get the latest information;

Make sure the relevant people receive our newsletter;

Get actively involved in Coalition campaigns: use our #itsgreatoutthere hashtag and contribute to our European Week of Sport campaign as well as other initiatives;

Invite your local partners or work together with them to apply for Coalition funding to organise Outdoor Activity Days close to you;

Invite us to deliver internal presentations to provide insight into outdoor activity behaviours;

Partner with us to deliver educational webinars and benefit from added exposure;

Get Involved • Get Involved • Get Involved • Get Involved

How to get involved

Do you want to get involved to help us deliver Outdoor Activity Days?
There are different ways to get involved in the Coalition

Share your outdoor
moments and follow us


Support our work and become a member

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