Join the HL4EU Call for Action: Support Healthy Lifestyles in Europe

The HL4EU (Healthy Lifestyles for Europe) project has published its Call for Action: "Enabling Cross-Sectoral Approaches for Healthy Lifestyles in Europe."

The It´s Great Out There Coalition is proud to be part of the HL4EU (Healthy Lifestyles for Europe) project’s Call for Action: “Enabling Cross-Sectoral Approaches for Healthy Lifestyles in Europe.” 

HL4EU is a consortium of leading NGO’s and sector representative bodies from the physical activity, outdoor, sport, mobility, health, patient, and caregiver communities, united to promote active and healthy lifestyles.

In light of combating non-communicable diseases (NCDs), improving quality of life and well-being, and building healthier, more sustainable societies and economies, we call on the European Union to enable and foster greater cross-sectoral approaches to healthy lifestyles across Europe. Driven by collaboration and evidence-informed approaches, we seek to create environments conducive to healthy living and to catalyze transformative change, notably by supporting a preventive approach to health.

Integrating efforts in healthcare, education, urban planning, access to physical activity, and policy development can generate environments that promote and sustain healthy lifestyles for all. Interdisciplinary research highlights the interconnectedness of social, economic, and environmental factors in shaping health outcomes, underscoring the importance of comprehensive, cross-cutting strategies.

Together, we advocate for policy reforms, empowered communities, and cross-sectoral initiatives to address the root causes of NCDs. NCDs account for 90% of deaths and 80% of the health burden in Europe. They burden health budgets, economies, and individual well-being. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, including regular physical activity, is a foundational strategy for enhancing public health. Addressing the complex determinants of health requires a holistic approach that transcends traditional boundaries and embraces collaboration across sectors.

A healthier future requires collective action. This Call for Action aims to catalyze a shift towards healthier lifestyles by advocating for comprehensive and cross-sectoral approaches.

Call for Action:

  1. Increase EU funding, and its accessibility, and EU initiatives, that support multisectoral collaboration and coordination platforms dedicated to healthy lifestyle promotion;
  2. Conduct research into effective strategies for increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour at the population level;
  3. Integrate physical activity into clinical practice through screening, counselling, and referral programmes;
  4. Implement policies to create supportive environments for physical activity, such as urban planning initiatives, transportation policies, and school-based programmes;
  5. Mobilise communities to provide accessible and safe spaces for physical activity, including parks, active mobility infrastructures, and recreational facilities (both private and public).

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