Terms and Conditions

European Outdoor Group — Conditions for participation in the photographic, film and video competition #itsgreatoutthere

By participating in the #itsgreatoutthere competition, all participants unreservedly declare their acceptance of the following terms and conditions.
All individuals aged 16 or older with permanent residence in the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom or the Principality of Liechtenstein are eligible to enter the competition. Legal entities and the employees of the European Outdoor Group and their family members are not permitted to enter the competition.

One person may submit several productions (pictures, movies, videos). Each submitted production is registered as a separate entry. The competition is free to enter and free of any obligation to purchase.
The information required for registration for the competition must be complete and truthful. Automatically generated entries and dispatches as well as technical manipulations are excluded from the competition and prize draw. The organiser reserves the right to exclude from the competition or prize draw any submissions which contravene the terms and conditions of entry.

As the competition’s organiser, the European Outdoor Group declines any responsibility for technical and/or hardware or software failures of any kind, for interrupted network connections or incomplete, late or lost submissions, and especially for transmissions which could cause damage to the user’s system.

All productions which are based on a topic published by the European Outdoor Group topic are eligible.

Participation in the competition is possible through the following social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

The deadline for entries is the date published for the competition. Only one production per participant is eligible to win a prize.

Each submitted production must be the work of the participant. The participants agree to only submit productions for which they have all the associated rights which do not contravene any applicable laws. In particular, the use of pictures, photographs, films and videos which have been downloaded from the internet is not permitted. Furthermore, immoral, violent, discriminatory, pornographic or otherwise offensive material is also not permitted.

The participants must also ensure that they do not infringe any rights of third parties, especially copyright or personal rights of third parties. Therefore, each participant must have the consent of the person(s) depicted or the consent of the visual artist concerned for publication of his/her productions in the context of this competition. The submission of productions shall act as confirmation of their consent to the assignment of image rights to the European Outdoor Group as stated below. Where minors are depicted, the participant is obliged to obtain the consent of the minor’s parents.

The participants hereby agree that the European Outdoor Group shall have the unrestricted right of use and exploitation, unlimited by time, place or subject matter, of the submitted productions. The European Outdoor Group thus acquires the right to freely use all image material submitted to it as productions in relation to this competition, and shall not owe any compensation based on such use. When using submitted image material, the European Outdoor Group may publish the name of the author (i.e. the photographer, director, camera operator) at the request of the participant.

participants hereby acknowledge and accept that the European Outdoor Group and third parties mandated by it shall hold copyrights to all content made available on the website of the #itsgreatoutthere competition. This content and these images may only be used by third parties for their personal use. In particular, the complete or partial reproduction, transmission (electronically or by other means), modification, linking or use of the provided content and images for commercial purposes is prohibited.

The productions uploaded by the participants will be monitored by the online team of the European Outdoor Group. Where a breach of the terms and conditions of entry has been determined, the European Outdoor Group hereby reserves the right to exclude one or more participants from the competition or to delete uploaded productions. The European Outdoor Group expressly reserves the right to assert claims for damages.

By submitting productions, participants also give their consent for the use of the transmitted data for other offers and information (advertising) and its transmission (via e-mail or post), storage and processing in the European Union, Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. The participants are not obligated to receive any other services.

The disclosure of participants’ data to third parties is excluded. Participants who no longer wish to receive offers and information from the European Outdoor Group may revoke the use of their data for advertising purposes at any time via email to info@itsgreatoutthere.com.

The European Outdoor Group undertakes at all times to exercise the required statutory care when handling participants’ personal information, and to comply with Swiss data protection regulations. These can be viewed at www.eog.datenschutzbestimmungen.com.

The European Outdoor Group disclaims, to the extent permitted by law, any liability in connection with the present competition. The European Outdoor Group shall be entitled at all times to shut down the competition immediately upon interference by third parties (such as viruses or cyber-attacks) or for other important reasons. The European Outdoor Group shall not be liable for damage inflicted upon participants by third parties via the misuse of data connections (including viruses).

10 winners will be selected by the jury.
The 10 winners chosen will each receive a prize, with the first 3 prizes being prize packages containing multiple products.

The prizes to be won will be published on the It’s Great Out There website. The winners will be notified in writing or by e-mail. Prizes will not be paid out in cash, nor can they be exchanged. If a particular prize is no longer available, the organiser reserves the right to replace it with a roughly equivalent prize. If the prize is a trip or travel voucher which is redeemable at a travel company, the terms and conditions of the travel company shall have exclusive validity for the redemption of this prize. The organiser of the competition accepts no liability associated with the redemption of prizes. Any claims by participants must be directed to the companies providing the prizes.

As the organiser of the competition, the European Outdoor Group hereby notifies all participants that:

all relevant information relating to the competition originates from the organiser itself (and not from the operators of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
the competition is in no way affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc., nor is it sponsored, supported or organised by them
the operators of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are exempted from all claims by participants.

The organiser reserves the right to modify these rules at any time. Such modifications shall not be grounds for participants to assert legal claims.

There will be no correspondence about the competition or the selection of the winners. The judges’ decision is final. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the company headquarters of the European Outdoor Group. Swiss law shall apply exclusively.

2. Selection Process

2.1. The Coalition Board will assign an independent Grant Selection Committee consisting of three (3) persons to review all applications;

2.2. The Grant Selection Committee will determine whether submitted applications meet the Eligibility Criteria and will score each application on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest possible score) on basis of the Selection Criteria. They will create a shortlist of applications aligned with the number of funded projects and the grants budget set by the Coalition Board for the project referencing period and will determine the maximum grant for each shortlisted application;

2.3. Coalition Members are invited to score each shortlisted application on basis of the Selection Criteria; The Member Score is given on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest possible score);

2.4. Applications having the highest combined Committee and Member score will be attributed funding until the budget for the referencing period has been spent;

2.5. In case of a tie between projects, the Coalition Board will decide whether a project will receive funding or not;

3. Eligibility and Selection Criteria

3.1. Eligibility criteria:

a. Not-for-profit status of the applicant organisation;

b. Both the applicant organization and the project delivery are situated in the European Geographical Area;

c. Non-discriminatory nature of the project;

d. Acceptance of Grant Terms & Conditions;

e. Fully completed application;

f. Not previously shortlisted or awarded funding with the same project;

3.2. Selection criteria:

a. Alignment with the vision and mission of the It’s Great Out There Coalition;

b. Alignment with the minimum requirements for Outdoor Activity Days:

  • Each day primarily targets inactive people
  • Each day includes at least 150 minutes of outdoors physical activity.
  • Each day provides a safe environment guaranteed by outdoor professionals.
  • Each day is delivered inclusively, sustainably, and responsibly.
  • Each day includes an environmental education element.

c. Quality potential (long-term) impact of the project and it’s results on a local level;

d. Innovative aspects of the project;

e. Geographical spread of funded projects;

f. Other partnerships, or other methods leveraging and enhancing the impact of the project.

4.Rights and duties of applicants and grant recipients

4.1. Applicants and grant recipients confirm that the details of the application are non-confidential and that the Coalition may copy and distribute the particulars of the applications and the applicants (and any part thereof) for all reasonable purposes associated with the goals of the Coalition.

4.2. Grant recipients will inform the Coalition of all project highlights to allow communications coverage and will provide high quality communication materials to the Coalition for this purpose including but not limited to photo’s, video’s, testimonials and written reports.

4.3. Grant recipients will submit a ‘Final Report’ within 30 days after the project has ended; Where no ending date exists for the project, the ‘Final Report’ is to be provided before the end of November of the project year.

5. Receiving the money

5.1. Upon selection, the applicant will receive 80% of the grant; the remaining 20% is provided upon filing the ‘Final Report’;

5.2. The applicant has the right to request the full grant amount to be provided prior to the start project where they argue post-financing would damage the project outcomes;

5.3. The grant is wired via Bank Transfer to the grant recipient account upon receipt of a valid invoice from the grant recipient; The Bank Account must be listed to the grant recipient organisation;

6. Conflicts, complaints and grievances

Any grievances or complaints concerning the Outdoor Activity Days Grants can be brought before the Coalition Board including but not limited to the composition of the selection committee, the selection process, grants payment and/or advertisement and communications around grant projects.

For anonymous complaints, please use the complaints and grievances form available via www.itsgreatoutthere.com/complaints